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OK, I have a fast trick question for you.

That’s right, I said a fast TRICK question.

How can you tell if a woman is attracted you?

Answer quickly.

So what gives?

Why am I asking you a trick question?


Because I’m trying to make you THINK.

I’m sure that, just like me, you’ve studied a hundred dating tips and articles that say things like:

“If she tilts her head to one side and strokes

her neck, that’s a sign of interest…”

“If she licks her lips in a craving manner,

that means she’s interested in you…”

“If she laughs a lot, makes optimistic eye contact,

and touches you often, then she likes you…”


I remember when I first read all this stuff.

I thought to myself “Wow, cool! I must have been missing these hints because I didn’t know to look for them. Now I’ll know when a woman is attracted to me…”

Well, there was ONE SMALL problem…

The problem is that women exhibit these MAJOR INTEREST signals in about 1 of 1,000 interactions with men…

And there was one BIG problem…

That trouble was that none of the damn dating tips I read said a single thing about how to MAKE women give you these signals.

In other words, what I realized is that regular guys like me who don’t get “approached” by women need to learn not only WHAT to look for, but, more importantly, how to actually CREATE ATTRACTION in women so they GAVE me these signals in the FIRST PLACE.

So let me share with you some dating tips on how to MAKE women on Adultfrienedfinder feel ATTRACTION for you… and then I’ll share some thoughts on what to LOOK FOR to tell if a woman is interested.

And my ideas will be a WEEEEEE BIT different than the ones you read in your flirting books.

OK, so you’re out at a bar with a few friends, and it’s time to meet some fascinating women.

You look around, and none of the hot young babes in there seem to be tilting their heads to one side, looking you in the eye, and licking their lips… so you decide to DO SOMETHING.

What do most guys do in this position?


1) Nothing, because they’re scared, or…

2) Something typical, like ask a girl to dance, or if he can buy her a drink.

If you’re guilty of doing these, raise your hand.

Then take your raised hand, and smack yourself silly. Not too hard. But silly.

Here’s a thought for you…

If you put 100 guys in a bar with one beautiful women sitting alone, and you say to all 100 of the guys “Hey guys, which one of you can stroll over to that woman and do something to make that woman feel a SEXUAL ATTRACTION for you?”… I’d say that

if you’re LUCKY, one of them will say that he can do it.

In other words, for most guys, the idea of walking up to a girl they don’t know and doing something that will TRIGGER an attraction is completely outside of their universe.

This is one of the reasons why guys do things like asking girls to dance, buying them drinks, talk about using thrusting vibrators etc.

Now, something you must appreciate when it comes to women and ATTRACTION is that women don’t feel ATTRACTION for WUSSIES.